Mid-season Adjustments

The firearms deer season has come to Indiana for a couple of weeks.  While the firearms hunters are flocking into the field, it’s time for me to take a break, review the season so far, and make adjustments to my gear and my tactics.

bowhuntingOn my hunting days, I’ve gotten a later start than I really wanted.  I’ll have to get moving earlier.  The deer get moving about daylight, so I need to be in place before they’re moving.  I need to be prepared to stay out all day and head home after the sun goes down.


Bow:  One day in the field, I realized why I had to make such big adjustments when I tied on my new D-loop and peep.  When I installed the nocking point, I forgot to position it 1/8 inch nock-high.  I installed it exactly level when the bow wasn’t drawn.  So, I have to reset the metal nock.  I have to follow that with french tuning again – adjusting the sight and the rest at 9 feet and 9 yards, respectively.  After that, I head outside to walk-back tune the bow.  Check where the arrows fly left-to-right at 20, 30, 40, 50, and 60 yards.  If they aren’t in a pretty tight group, I’ll have to adjust the rest some more to make sure my shots don’t “walk” left or right as I move back.

Field Bag:  I inventoried my bag to see what I haven’t used.  I want to keep weight down as much as possible, so a periodic inventory is a good idea.  I didn’t use the miniature folding chair, the small binoculars, or my field dressing kit.  I’ll keep the field dressing kit in my bag in hopes of a successful hunt.  The other two have to go.

Clothing:  It’s getting colder, so I’ll have to add some layers to my clothing.  I got thermal inserts for my boots, and I’ll have to start wearing my field jacket.  All of my clothes need to be re-washed, including the field jacket, in nothing but baking soda.


I’ve been hunting exclusively from the ground.  It may be time to move up into the trees above the deer’s nose.  I think saddle hunting will be lighter than a full-on tree stand, but I need practice with the climbing gear before I try to use it in the field.  With only about a month left in the season, saddle hunting may need to wait until next year.

I’ve left my pop-up blind at home all season.  I guess carrying it out into the field with me will be my best option, along with picking up a bottle of doe estrous in an effort to bring that big buck in just a little closer.

What mid-season adjustments are you making or did you make?