IRWIN Tools Double-Edge Pull Saw, 9.5-Inch (213103)



  • Cuts on pull stroke. Pulling motion prevents binding and provides better control. Micro-thin blade and precision-ground teeth provide clean cuts.
  • The light weight and natural flow of the pulling motion result in less fatigue than with push-stroke saws.
  • Made for utility ripping and cross-cutting.
  • Perfect for flush-cutting door shims and remodeling work.


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The Irwin 9-1/2-Inch Double Edge Pull Saw works well with rip and cross-cut tooth configurations, with a pull stroke action that eliminates binding and provides a straight cut. Induction-hardened teeth stay sharper longer, and the fine teeth both cut easily and create thin kerf. A quick release feature enables fast blade replacement, and this saw is backed by a lifetime warranty.

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